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Fluxx is a thin layer across your communication and collaboration tools allowing users to navigate easily and IT to establish a central governance. It transforms your collaborative intranet from a monolithic application to an independent hub that connects content from your Office365 platform and other cloud services and delivers it in a unified experience your users love.



For you

A hub where you and your team
organize content and work
based on business context

For your business

A broker to target any digital content or service to users based on their profile


For your IT

Cloud services to centrally govern organization-owned data, wherever it is

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Fluxx Hub


Fluxx is a simple, functionally lean hub with the capability to aggregate and target digital content across multiple sources. By loosely coupling a multitude of services, including all major cloud platforms such as Office365, Google or Salesforce, Fluxx delivers personalized content based on the user’s profile and role, as well as enabling users to execute the most vital functions to do their job without having to switch applications.

Fluxx provides controlled self-service, delivering better tools for organizing work and channel communications, while improving governance and control over digital content, regardless of the platform or service that is used. Fluxx is a fundamental pillar in your strategy to deliver a sustainable yet adaptable workplace experience to each and every single user in your organization.


ConnectinG User Experience
Content and Contex
ACross Cloud Services


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xCloud Provisioning Engine


Maintain governance and control across cloud services while your users use the tools they want. The xCloud provisioning engine is your powerful weapon against shadow IT and data proliferation in the cloud.


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Swarm Taxonomy Service


Leverage latest machine learning technology to turn your enterprise taxonomy upside-down. With our unique bottom-up approach, we solve the problems of rigid taxonomies and enable you to automatically align your organization when your context is changing.


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